Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back on the Horse

I can't seem to stay motivated with my health and fitness goals. I think a lot of it has to do with being unsuccessful at trying to conceive. I really hoped I'd be pregnant by now. But, being as healthy as possible can only help, so I am reluctantly jumping back into my fitness routine.

I have done really well the past 2 days at eating fresh and unprocessed foods. I went grocery shopping and only bought things on our list. That helped a lot. It also helps that I've been home more this week. I tend to forget to plan ahead and end up having to buy something for lunch while I'm at work. That usually means processed foods. Not all of them are horrible for you, but they aren't nearly as healthy as a home cooked meal. Being at home makes it a lot easier to eat healthy.

Well, wish me luck. I know I will need it.

Goal for this week:
Healthy home cooked meals
Exercise at least 3 times

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Back!

After a much needed hiatus, I'm back with a vengeance. It's time for me to get off my butt and get moving again. I've gained a little weight back, but I'm not even going to worry about it. A number is a number. As you can see from this blog, I am very goal oriented so this time my goal is going to be about how I feel physically and that's it. I know I feel best when I'm exercising regularly. I know I feel best when I eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid anything processed. I'm not going to count calories. I'm just going to eat what makes me feel good and keep my body going with exercise (which I still absolutely hate and dread the thought of doing).

So of coarse this is going to include several mini goals. The first being to exercise 3 times this week. Starting today. (ugh) I'm gonna lace up those running shoes and get outside!

NOTE: I have a hard time calling anything I do running. I am NOT a runner. It's barely acceptable to call it a jog. BUT, that's why I'm working on it ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Met my first goal by my deadline then blew it

I lost the 20 pounds that was my first goal then took 2 weeks off for vacation and my birthday. I happened to gain 7 lbs in that 2 weeks! Wow. Now that I have had a bit of a setback, I gotta jump back on that horse and get running again. This time around I don't have a goal weight. I just want to eat right and be healthy. I would like to trim down a bit in time for my husband's graduation. That would be nice, but ultimately the purpose of this is to get as healthy as possible before getting pregnant. The getting pregnant part hasn't happened yet, so I might as well focus on my health. I still need to run that 5k too. I made a committment and I gotta stick to it. But after 2 weeks off, that May 7th deadline is looming closer than ever. I feel so unprepared. But, no time like the present. First thing in the morning, I'm bustin out those jogging shoes and hitting the pavement.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 1 of C25K

Couch to 5K (C25K) is working out well so far. It's the perfect program to get me out running and sticking with it. I went jogging (I feel weird calling it running since I am NOT anywhere close to being a runner yet) yesterday morning and felt great all day. It was definitely motivation to keep going. It's a 30 minute workout 3 days per week and takes 9 weeks. Well, we have 8 weeks including this one before our race, so I am going to have to be an overachiever and do it in 8 weeks instead.

Wednesday night I was talking to my husband about the upcoming 5K and he made it very clear that I am not to run alone. (My mom's friend is a runner and was raped during a run in her own neighborhood.) So I talked him into getting up early with me and putting our kid in the stroller and going together. He reluctantly agreed. I think it will be our Thursday morning ritual. Our schedules are crazy enough that it's probably the only morning we can go together. I will have to figure something out for the other days.

We had a great jog along the river trail and saw some ducks and geese which thrilled my son. He ran along with us for part of the time, but was in the stroller most of the way since it was pretty early and he was still a little tired. The run went great for the first half but once we hit our halfway mark and turned around and jogged back toward the car, we were running against the wind. It was not just a little breeze either. It was pretty strong and steady. It was cold and miserable! My husband gave me dirty looks the whole way back to the car! I am sure he was wondering why he agreed to be dragged out of bed to be that miserable! Luckily we had bundled up the kid. Overall, my husband was pretty good natured about it and even agreed to join me again.

I am sore and tired today since I ran 2 days in a row, but I still feel really good about doing this. I have wanted to run a 5K for a long time now and I am happy that I am committed and FINALLY going to accomplish this goal. It has also helped me to eat better since I run in the morning and don't want  to ruin my great start to the day. It's just the thing to help me out of this stagnant rut I was in. I am excited to keep at it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Run for your LIFE!

I need to keep my interest in this health routine so to do that I merely add to my list of goals. A long time goal of mine that I have never achieved is running a 5k. I am NOT a runner and think every damn step is miserable so it's no surprise that I have never accomplished this goal. Well, I better put on my runnin' shoes, cuz I'm gonna do it this time! I am starting the Couch to 5K program, which is exactly what I need. My sister wants to run the Race for the Cure 5K on her birthday. That is in less than 2 months so I gotta get running! (She did say she might change her mind about running on her birthday and choose a different 5K in June for us to run together. Either way, I gotta get up and get going.)

I have a few friends who are running addicts. I wish I was like that, but I just really hate it. One friend in particular always says "Run for your life!" Which has both the urgency and health benefiting connotations to it. I like it. I might steal it. Oh wait, I already did :)

Mark your calendars and come cheer us on, or run with us at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on May 7th! More info here:

Monday, February 28, 2011


The excitement of the diet has completely worn off and I am trying desperately to reignite the spark that got me going in the first place. On the plus side, I get told all the time how I am looking great. (From people who don't even know I have been dieting!) It never gets old to hear that your hard work is actually paying off. My original goal was to lose 20 pounds from my very highest weight. I achieved that and moved to my next goal which was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I achieved that and now I just don't really want to do it anymore. The problem is, that my goal NEEDS to be to optimize my health. That is a never-ending goal. That is something that will keep me focused on healthy eating and exercise habits I need to keep that in mind.

My real reason for losing weight at all was to get as healthy as possible so I could get pregnant again. I guess I was just hoping I would be pregnant by now. Since I am not, I need to keep working on my next goal. Optimizing my health. I still have some weight to shed and an additional goal would be to lose 20 pounds from when I started this year instead of what my highest weight was. (So losing 30 pounds instead of 20.)

I guess I still have a ways to go, I just feel down that life never seems to happen the way I want it to. But, I suppose it always turns out the way I need it to. I shouldn't complain. I have a lot to feel grateful for. And the biggest thing I am grateful for right now is the support! I wouldn't have reached the goals I have reached without the continued support of those around me. It's been great.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pure Luck

Despite my horrible week, I managed to lose one pound. Maybe it's because although I had three terrible days, I still had 4 good ones. I guess I just feel lucky I didn't gain 5 pounds. That one pound loss has given me renewed enthusiasm and I am going to tackle this week head on. Just got my tax returns (Hooray!!) so I will be doing some shopping for awesome foods to keep my diet interesting and tasting great. I just need to remember to eat regularly and plan ahead. That's been key in my success so far. (And NOT planning ahead or waiting until I am starving to eat, is exactly what happens when I fail!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roller Coaster

The ups and downs of dieting are exactly what I planned to document here. It's the ups that I hate. That pesky number on the scale. When it's up. I am feeling down. This week, I lost all motivation and pigged out! I find myself wondering what happend and then I think back to when it all started. My dang husband! Monday and Tuesday I work long hours and pack healthy food and it's not even a little bit hard to stay on my diet. I have everything cooked, packed and ready to go for me to eat 3 meals a day at work. I make sure I pack foods that taste good and are healthy. It's a win-win.

Tuesday night I get home and my husband is waiting up for me. (He goes to bed so early this is quite unusual.) The second I walk in the door he says he is running to wendy's and asks what I want. It's late at night, I didn't eat all the food I packed because I just wasn't hungry and then I walk in and find that not only am I finally hungry again, but Wendy's sounds DELICIOUS! So he brings me back a burger and fries and I happily devour them. Mind you, I kept track of the points and it still fit into my diet plan. I didn't go over my allotment for the day so it was fine, right? Wrong.

It would have been fine if it ended there. The next day, I had a healthy breakfast and then once again, waiting until I was starving before I even thought about lunch. I didn't have anything over the top, just some apples and cheese. (It was the snack I made for my son late in the afternoon. Why I didn't eat when I fed him lunch, I don't know.) So of coarse by the time dinner rolls around, I am once again famished and not in the mood for anything healthy. So what do I do? I eat a burger and fries again. This time it didn't fit into my daily allotment, which can be no big deal, because there is a weekly allotment of additional points for occasions where you want to treat yourself. Kinda like taking a day off of your diet. It's great. It makes it feel less constricting. (Constricting is the wrong word, but I can't think of anything better at the moment.)

So now I am 2 days in a row of eating unhealthy burger and fries. It's gotta be one of my favorite things ever. I LOVE a good burger. The fries are just ok, but I find myself eating them mainly because they are there. I gotta quit ordering a combo meal.

Today I had it all planned out. I had my meals all ready to go. It was going to be so much better. And then I ended up babysitting my niece and my son asked if we could take her to play in the playplace at McDonalds. They were going crazy in my little apartment so I took them there for lunch with the intention of ordering something healthy. Yep. Didn't happen. Burger and fries once again. Now I am past my weekly allotment. This completely sabbotaged my whole week!

I am just going to put it behind me, plan a little better and stick to my guns. I can't let one bad week ruin this for me. I WILL reach my goal. I WILL get in better physical shape. I WILL establish healthier eating habits in my household. I don't finish many things that I start. I am horrible at that. I lose focus and just quit. I have done that with SO many things. Projects, spiritual goals, fitness goals, financial goals, college, etc. I am such a quitter. It's honestly pretty depressing to admit how little ambition and motivation I have. It's a definite sore spot for me. It's something that I wish I could change. Wishing doesn't help anything. I think the reason I am SO determined to meet this fitness goal is that I would finally accomplish a worthy goal. It would be the first step in actually changing myself into a determined, ambitious go-getter instead of someone who merely exists. I can do it. I just need to keep at it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I had a rough day yesterday wanting to stick to my diet, but I mangaged to get through it. I am glad I did because this morning, I weighed myself and saw a number I hadn't seen in years! I was pretty excited so I pulled out my box of pre-baby pants and thought I would try on a pair just to see how far away I was to fitting in them. Imagine my surprise when they went on easily and I could zip them up!! THEY FIT!!!

I am really happy about my success so far and I needed something to be excited about to help me want to continue. It only took 3 years, but my pre-baby jeans fit! They are a little tight, so I probably won't wear them until I have lost 5 more pounds, but I am excited nonetheless.

I still have a pair of jeans I wore in high school and I would LOVE to fit in them again, but we will see. I also want to have another baby, so getting to my goal weight and then getting pregnant would be the ideal situation. That will be a ways away though.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great recipes!

In my never-ending quest for healthy, delicious and budget friendly meals, I was recommended to I have looked over several recipes and all seem to be easy to make, ingredients I would normally use and healthy! I also love that the nutrition information is included in the recipe. What a great resource. I haven't tried any recipes yet, but I am anxious to see how they turn out. The crock pot recipes caught my eye and I am going to make the sante fe chicken sometime soon. Yum.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too soon for a setback!

Uh, Hello? Didn't I just barely start my diet? Yep. And yet here I am blogging about my frustrating setbacks. Already. This does not bode well for future success. I started to get a little too comfortable with my progress so far and allowed myself to get a little too lazy. My son had a birthday and I used that as an excuse to pig out! I didn't even think about portion control. So this week was an epic FAIL!

Now I can let myself become frustrated over this experience or I can look at is as a mere speed bump in my road to success. I can't think of my journey to my weight loss goal as a linear coarse. I will have ups and downs on the scale. Sure. I didn't think I would have them this early, but I suppose now is as good a time as any to take what I can learn from it and give a better effort in the week to come.

Some things that hinder my progress are:
  • Lack of Meal Planning
  • Waiting too long to eat
  • Not having healthy snacks to curb hunger
Some things that help me succeed are:
  • Eating several small meals a day
  • Planning ahead and packing lunches for work
  • Eating breakfast!
  • Having a well stocked fridge
I need to stick to my healthy goals and recognize the things that help as well as hinder my progress. Weekends are hard for me to stick to my diet. A large part of the reason for that is not having a meal planned out and then waiting until I am too hungry to cook. That's when I hit up the drive-thru. Not eating breakfast contributes to that as well. I HATE grocery shopping and then when I run out of healthy fresh produce, I don't eat as well. I eat far too much processed and sugary foods when I am running low on other things. I need to stay ahead of the game and make sure I get my groceries.

Goal for this week: Plan out 5 days worth of meals, buy some groceries, exercise 3 times, and get 8 hours of sleep at least 4 times this week. That seems reasonable. Hopefully my next post will be a more positive one!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oven Fries

Recipe from 3 points per serving.

  • 2 large uncooked potatoes (cut into 16 long wedges each)
  • 1 TBS canola oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • Place oven rack on top third of oven and preheat to 400F. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray
  • Place potatoes on prepared cookie sheet and drizzle with oil. Toss to coat evenly. Spread potatoes into an even layer, sprinkle with 1/4 tsp of salt and bake for 20 minutes
  • Remove from oven and turn potatoes and sprinkle this side with remaining 1/4 tsp of salt.
  • Return to oven and bake until golden brown (another 15-20 minutes) Sprinkle with desired amount of salt and serve. Yields about 8 fries per serving.
Since this recipe is only 3 points, I usually double up on my serving size. 8 fries? Uh huh. Sure.

That wonderful monthy visit

People wonder whether or not gaining weight when you are about to start your period. I did a little online research and found that most of it is water retention and drinking lots of water and avoiding salt can minimize the weight gain. Uh . . . OK? What about my monster appetite and crabby mood that can only be cured with CHOCOLATE?! (and anything deep fried) For me I think the combination of craving (and then eating) horrible foods and retaining water make a pretty sizable difference in my weight. We aren't talking 1-2 pounds here. I end up gaining around 6 pounds. Thankfully it usually drops right back down once I am a few days into my period and not crampy, crabby, and starving.

Thanks again mother nature. I get to feel crampy, irritable, bloated and FAT!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


New Year. New Start. 2011 is going to be the year I actually reach my goals. I'm doing it differently this time. I have enlisted the help of friends and so far they have made a big impact on my resolve to continue toward my goal. Jeannine, Wendy and I have challenged each other to drop 20 lbs by April 2nd, exactly 12 weeks from when we started. That's an averages of 1.66 lbs per week. Totally doable, but will require hard work and unwavering dedication.

When you hear about people who transform their bodies and lose weight they all say the same thing. "This time it was a lifestyle change." Well, this needs to be MY lifestyle change. I am focusing really hard on meeting my 20 lb goal, but more importantly incorporating healthy habits that lead up to that coveted lifestyle change. It's not going to be easy, but I am certain it will be worth it.

My lifestyle change will include eating the right foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep. I am going to put a lot of focus on those 3 things so that on days when the scale isn't my friend, I can at least find comfort in the fact that I am making progress in other areas.

I plan to update this blog at least once a week to report my progress and more often when I feel so inclined. I want to document my lifestyle change. I want to write the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of weight loss and keep myself motivated to see my goals through. So get ready, world. I'm comin' and I gonna show up skinny.